Tubesheet Cladding

A precisely applied epoxy cladding that:  Seals the tube-to-tubesheet joint – Adds 2,000 pounds in push-out strength – Replaces lost metal — Protects tubesheet indefinately from further damage.

Tube-End Coating

Copper based alloys can erode within the first foot or so of the inlet end due to turbulence.   Other tube materials can deteriorate because of galvanic or microbiological issues.

Full-Length Tube Coating

Protect the tube from further deterioration – fills pits and seals holes.


In addition to restoration and protective services for tubesheets and tubes, look to Plastocor,® Inc. for protective coatings on the rest of the circulating water system.

Flange Sealing

Seals waterbox to condenser flange – Stops air inleakage.

Elements of quality


The Plastocor® Process is an epoxy coating solution which is engineered to perform flawlessly for decades. Designed primarily to protect main steam surface condensers and other shell-and-tube heat exchange equipment, the process is performed turnkey.  Look to Plastocor, Inc. for protecting waterboxes, tunnels, and piping as well.

In essence, we integrate three project components: Materials, Methods, and Manpower. Only by bringing these three crucial elements together can consistent quality and schedule be assuredand iron-clad warranties given.   Do things correctly, and the project need to be done just once.

In a hurry?  Plastocor, Inc. is organized to respond quickly to emergencies or accelerated schedules.

hello-my-name-is-Jim (small)Plastocor, Inc. attends many conference and expositions throughout the year.  In addition we frequently present technical papers which serve to share our know-how and experiences with industry.   In 2022 we will be making technical presentations at the following conferences:


February 7-9: EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference — Charleston SC

May 23-25: PowerGen — Dallas

June 7-9:  40th Annual Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop — Champaign IL

August 2-4:  EPRI 2022 Condenser Conference — Chattanooga TN

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As an essential business serving an essential industry we remain open and have adopted the highest standards and protocols for protecting and monitoring the health and well being of our team members and field technicians.