In addition to restoration and protective services for tubesheets and tubes, look to Plastocor,® Inc. for protective coatings on the rest of the circulating water system.  Both new and old equipment can be protected with the our systems, including:

  • Condenser Waterboxes
  • Heat Exchanger Channel Heads
  • Circulating Water Piping
  • Service Water Piping

For Components Made of Carbon Steel:

The Plastocor,® Inc. system for carbon steel structures consists of a high performance, 100% solids epoxy liner installed from 40 to 125 mils in thickness. The thicker applications are supplied where rebuilding of corroded surfaces is called for, or where a “bullet proof” lining is required.

For Components Made of cast iron:

The restoration of severely corroded cast iron is one of our specialties. Special procedures have been established for the degraphitization, decontamination, fairing, patching, and lining of cast iron structures.  A thick lining of epoxy is the result.

New Condenser Waterbox

New waterbox after first coat.  Note: weld seams have been “striped” with an extra coat.

Completed waterbox lining.

Spray application of waterbox lining.

Completed, waterbox, tunnel, and tubesheet project.

Coated pipe section.

Cast iron waterboxes.

No, this is not a picture of the moon…  it’s a corroded cast iron surface after prep.

Coated cast iron waterbox.