Safety Related (nuclear) Applications


Safety Related Components:

Plastocor, Inc. has a NUPIC audited program for supplying commercial grade coating materials for the nuclear industry.  These materials may then be designated by the utility as suitable for application on safety related components.

Application of these coating materials is then performed by Plastocor, Inc. under the utilities Appendix B program.

Under this scenario, many heat exchangers,  air-coolers, strainers, have been protected by Plastocor.

In addition, several safety related pipe lining projects have been executed by Plastocor under LCO (Limited Condition Operation) permits.

Installation of the tube-end coating on a safety related fan coil unit.

Videoscope image of completed tube-end coating.

Coil fin exchanger with tubesheet cladding and tube-end coating.

Safety related strainer body being coated at Plastocor’s facility.

Strainer body being coated.

Completed lining.

In addition to safety related heat exchangers and other components, Plastocor, Inc. has extensive experience installing ultra-high reliability lining systems on piping systems.  Follow the link below to view a case history.