Balance-of-Plant Heat Exchangers


In addition to offering turn-key restoration and protection solutions for main surface condensers, Plastocor, Inc. also performs these services on all other cooling water balance-of-plant heat exchangers including:

  • hydrogen
  • lube oil
  • closed cooling water
  • diesel generators
  • bearing
  • stator
  • control room air

Hydrogen cooler with tubesheet cladding and tube-end coating.

Air coolers with tubesheet cladding in process.

Closed Cooling Water (CCW) heat exchanger being prepped for coating. Containment established on each end.

Coated channel head.

Channel head inspected prior to coating.

First coat being applied.

Thick coating system being applied.

Final multi-pass channel head coating system. Note: divider plates has special coating to protect from “cold wall” failures.

Severely deteriorated cast iron head.

Braces installed to fortify repair.

Rebuilding complete.

Final coat.

Application of tubesheet cladding to heat exchanger.

Installation of tube-end coating to heat exchanger.

Completed tubesheet cladding on heat exchangers.

Heat exchanger tubesheet coating cladding.

Coating application to head cover.

Finished cover.

Coated covers and flange pieces.

Coated nozzle and flange.

Tube-end coating being installed.

Tubesheet cladding.

Coated channels and covers.

Coated end bell.