Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) water blasting


Plastocor Introduces PLC controlled Ultra High Pressure water blasting equipment for increased efficiency in surface preparation.



In order to safely remove coatings and other durable linings such as rubber, Plastocor, Inc. has relied on Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting. When used properly UHP will clean and decontaminate without damaging a metal substrate. The vital elements of UHP are:

– 30,000 to 40,000 psi: ultra high pressure to perform the work
– 4 to 5 gpm: low flow to keep the “kick back” of the gun manageable
– Very small orifice size: provides high pressure at low flow
– Multiple orifices on one gun head: provides greater working area
– Gun head rotates: provides sweeping motion of the multiple jets to maximize efficiency and

The keys to success when using UHP are:

– Experienced and skilled technicians who work SAFELY and efficiently
– Having proper and reliable equipment and protective gear

While Plastocor, Inc. has always performed the UHP work with our skilled technicians, we have traditionally relied on sub-contractors to provide the equipment. This equipment has consisted of diesel driven pumps that get a lot of run-time. These pumps must be located outside often necessitating long hose-runs and wall penetrations. Additionally, the diesel engines needs to be maintained, permitted, and the fuel carefully controlled.

Pumps driven by electric motors avoid these issues. They can be quickly setup inside, near the work area, without emission or fuel issues. Modern electric motors are PLC controlled which allows for precise pressure control with minimal starting amp requirements. And reliability is rock solid.

For these reasons, Plastocor, Inc. has acquired a dedicated fleet of electric pumps. The combination of our highly skilled UHP technicians and these low-hour/high efficiency electric pumps makes for an enhanced level of service.

Plastocor, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to address your UHP needs.


Plastocor custom fabrication of UHP equipment 

Electric UHP equipment custom framework

Electric UHP equipment and dust collector placed next to the work area.

Plastocor supplied power distribution unit and UHP pump placed close to work area.

Demonstration Videos


Below are examples of our electric Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting being used to remove various types of materials.

UHP water blasting will remove the Plastocor epocy cladding for tubesheets without damage to the substrate.

Aluminum Oxide filled epoxy lining being removed using UHP waterblasting.

Thick epoxy lining (120 mils) being removed using UHP water blasting.

UHP water blasting removes thick rubber lining without damaging substrate.