conferences and expositions

Plastocor, Inc. attends many conference and expositions throughout the year.  In addition we frequently present technical papers which serve to share our know-how and experiences with industry. See the section on publications and news above for a list of these.  Below is a list of expos and conferences that we are scheduled to attend for the coming year.


January 13-17: 


Omni Houston Galleria

February 12-14: 

NALCO Power Plant Chemistry Seminar

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

April 14-17: 

Electric Power 2020

Colorado Convention Center, Denver

June 2-4: 

Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop

Hawthorn Suites, Champaign IL


June 23-25: 

66th FOMIS Meeting

Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater FL


June 26-27: 

International Phosphate Fertilizer & Sulphuric Acid Technology

Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater FL


July 27- 29: 

EPRI Steam Generator & BOP Heat Exchanger Tube Integrity

Lowes Miami Beach  FL

August 4-7: 

EPRI Condenser Conference

Chattanooga Hotel & Conference Center

August 11-14: 

AEP GO Forum

Columbus Convention Center


TBD: Southern Company Technical Conference

TBD: Duke Energy Tech – X Conference


November 8-12: 

International Water Conference

Marriott River Center  San Antonio

December 8-10: 

Power Gen

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando