conferences and expositions


Plastocor, Inc. attends many conference and expositions throughout the year.  In addition we frequently present technical papers which serve to share our know-how and experiences with industry.  Below is a list of expos and conferences that we are scheduled to attend for the coming year.



January 15-28:

Feedwater and Secondary Systems Reliability Users Group NOTE: Plastocor will be presenting

Embassy Suites River Walk, San Antonio TX

February 26-29:

EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Conference  NOTE: Plastocor will be presenting

Charlotte NC

February 26-28:

Duke Energy Tech X

Concord NC

June 4-6:

Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop  NOTE: Plastocor will be presenting

Champaign IL

June 24-28:  

EPRI Balance of Plant Corrosion and Heat Transfer Conf.

Kansas City MO

October 15-16:  

Heat Exchanger World Americas 2024

NRG Center, Houston TX