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Plastocor,® Inc. is both a supplier and applicator of high performance coating and rebuilding materials. These materials are used to solve erosion and corrosion problems with cooling water systems and other corrosive environments. Our main products and services include: Tubesheet Cladding (coating); Tube End Coating; Full-Length Tube Coating; Waterbox, Tunnel and Pipe lining; Waterbox Flange Sealing.

Plastocor ® is a registered trademark of Richard Kreiselmeier (plastocor-international SA), who is the owner of the intellectual property rights of the Plastocor Process. Plastocor, Inc. is an exclusive licensee of the “Plastocor” trademark and Plastocor process in the United States and Canada only. This website is not directed at customers or parties outside the United States and Canada, and any person interested in obtaining product information about the Plastocor process outside the United States and Canada should visit Plastocor’s International Website:    https://www.plastocor-international.com